Welcome To ADSCleaner

With our extension, you will no longer have to watch ads or accidentally click on spam. Adapt your online experience to your wants.

About ADSCleaner

Everyone knows that some kinds of advertising on the Internet can be very useful and can help people make the right choice when buying goods and services. However, in the vast majority of cases, advertising on Internet sites is an annoying ad that distracts you from useful content and wastes your time.

With our free and smart ADSCleaner extension, you will no longer have to watch another promo or accidentally click on a spam link and get to another site. Your web surfing will become as calm, safe and concentrated as possible - all without the need for registration and money!With the help of our free and intelligent ADSCleaner browser extension, you will never again have to sit through another dumb promo video or risk accidentally clicking on bait and being redirected to a different site. Your web-surfing experience will be as smooth, safe, and uninterrupted as it can be – all without the need to complete a time-consuming registration process!

This is what you get with our ADSCleaner extension:

No Pop-ups/banners ADS

Our extension will help you forget about pop-ups and banners even on the most underground sites.

Uninterrupted video viewing

Forget about commercials when watching videos. You'll never see ads at the most interesting moment of the video again.

Reduced website load time delays

By blocking advertising content, your browser increases the speed at which useful information loads.

Safe browsing environment, free of trackers and scams

Our extension helps you secure your personal data by blocking many tracking scripts and user trackers.

Protection from spam links, redirects, and other marketing tricks

Help you get rid of various marketing tricks such as spontaneous redirects, spam links and others.

By installing our free ADSCleaner extension, you will not only get rid of annoying ads, but also significantly increase the security of your data. Our product is smart enough to recognize dangerous or fraudulent websites and hide them from your eyes.

What sets our ADSCleaner extension apart from other similar projects is its customizability. You can customize the parameters according to your current needs and decide which sites can show you ads and which are better to forget about.

Guarantee of privacy

We take your privacy seriously and do our best to keep your personal information private. Technical statistical data is all we get from our extension. And even such data is protected by an encryption system. Feel free to learn more about our Privacy Policy or read our End User License Agreement.